I am a sub-contractor and thinking about recruiting an apprentice floor layer


As a sub – contractor, you are classed as a small employer and are entitled to the same benefits as a business operating out of premises.
If you are thinking of setting on an apprentice floor layer, we may be able to help. Via existing enquiries from people in your area, we may be able to match you with someone who is genuinely seeking work as an apprentice floor layer.  We also suggest that all apprentices complete a trial month at our closest regional centre where we will prepare for you a report with regard to the apprentice’s attendance, time keeping, attitude and suitability for the program. This is designed to ensure that your prospective employee shows commitment and is therefore more likely to be worth your investment in the long term.

Sub – Contractor’s Obligations

  • You must pay the apprentice a minimum wage of £3.30 per hour (From October 2015)

  • You must operate safely and hold current employers and public liability insurance

  • You must be, or place the apprentice with a qualified floor layer (Minimum Level 2) to act as on the job mentor during the program (We can currently access full funding to assess you or other experienced floor layers working for you, who do not yet have a recognised qualification)

  • You must release the apprentice to attend scheduled training courses

The benefits you will enjoy

  • A highly motivated staff member who will receive the very best specialist training in all aspects of floor laying

  • A versatile staff member with sound knowledge of manufacturing methods, sales techniques and ability to identify and resolve customer complaints, all elements that are embedded into the manufacturer’s training courses for added benefit

  • An extremely cost effective way to ensure that your reputation for installation standards is maintained well into the future.

  • The opportunity to market your activities from an enhanced standpoint of boasting fully qualified floor layers who hold nationally recognised qualifications to prove it.

  • This will ensure that your workforce is compliant in meeting the requirements of the companies you work for, major contractors, local authorities and most other commercial projects that support and participate in the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).

  • The opportunity to increase your service offer to the companies you work for to include installing flooring products that you may not currently fit.

For more information please contact 01302 249555