I am out of work and would like to train or retrain as a floor layer


If you are currently out of work and would like to train or retrain as a floor layer, there is a wealth of funding available to support you.

If you are thinking of training to become a qualified floor layer, we may be able to help. Via existing enquiries from employers in your area, we may be able to match you with an employer who is genuinely seeking to employ a fully qualified or an apprentice floor layer.  We have developed a program that requires potential apprentices and Re – trainer’s to complete a trial month at our closest regional centre. During the trial month you will have a fantastic opportunity to display your commitment with your attendance, time keeping, attitude and suitability for the program.

We can then supply this as evidence to support our recommendation that you will be an asset to potential employers. In our experience, employers are much more likely to recruit reliable, highly motivated and committed trainees who genuinely want to get on in life. After all, it is the employer who is investing in you and your future, with view to offering a well paid, permanent job upon completing the program as a qualified floor layer.

The type of training we will recommend to you will depend on your age and any previous experience you may, or may not have in floor laying.

Various training packages are available

  • Assessment only (for experienced, capable floor layer’s who are out of work)

  • Specific training packages developed for individuals (for partially skilled floor layers who are out of work and who would benefit from top up training to achieve qualification)

  • Full apprenticeship program for ALL age groups including adult apprenticehips

What will it cost?

  • Dependent upon the age and experience of the apprentice at the start of the apprenticeship, the program could be fully funded, with no cost to the employer.

For more information please contact 01302 249555