What is an NVQ?

An NVQ is a National Vocational Qualification. It is a work-based qualification designed to measure competence in a professional role.

An NVQ is different from a traditional taught course as it requires you to show what you currently do and how you have the underpinning knowledge required to do your job, as opposed to teaching and testing you on new knowledge.


Why do I need to do an NVQ?

If you work on a construction site or have done in the past you will have no doubt heard of a CSCS Card.

The only way that CSCS will issue you a card will be:

1. If you are registered for a trade specific qualification

2. If you have completed your trade specific qualification


How do I get an NVQ?

Floortrain offer 2 ways in which to obtain your flooring NVQ

  • Complete our Fully Funded Flooring Apprenticeship
  • Complete a Fully Funded On-site Assessment


How long will it take to get my NVQ?

Floortrain have worked with over 4,000 floorlayers and we've found that the average time to complete an NVQ is 3 months.


What happens when I have registered for the qualification?

When all your initial paperwork is completed, we allocate your portfolio to one of our assessors who will give you a call and introduce himself. He will make an arrangement to come and visit you whilst you're working and gather evidence which can then be assessed against national standards.

Once you are registered, you can apply for your temporary CSCS Card which will last 12 months.


Can I fail an NVQ?

No. If you have not provided enough evidence your assessor will guide you to find any addtional evidence needed. If you haven't provided the correct evidence, again we will assist in helping you find something more appropriate.

Your NVQ can only be achieved through the demonstation of your skills. You will either be competent at the tasks you are doing or not yet competent. If your assessor believes your skills don't meet the national standards, Floortrain can provide the use of it's excellent training facilities to improve your current skill level.


Do I need to attend college or night school?

No. NVQs are an assessment of your current competence in your workplace. An assessor will visit you in your workplace as a result of your daily job role.

Organising and cross referencing your evidence and compiling your portfolio will also need to be done. You may be required to complete this at home if you do not have enough time during your working hours.


Do I have to go to Floortrain?

No. We can complete parts of our assessment by telephone and by coming to you for an informal chat. The remainder can be completed when we come to assess you working on-site.


For more information please call us on 01302 249555