Information for Parents/Guardians/Young People & Apprenticeships


We understand and appreciate the concerns that parents and guardians of young people have when embarking on training programs and choosing a career path that will shape the young person’s life.

Safeguarding Young Learners

Floortrain are committed to ensuring that all aspects of teaching and learning take place in a safe and supportive environment. We embrace our responsibilities with respect to safeguarding young learners, to embedding and applying sound principles of equality and diversity and equality of opportunity throughout our organisation and our activities. We will not tolerate bullying or discrimination of any kind and boast an unblemished and exemplary record whilst conducting training programs that actively encourage and support the development of learners with all levels of ability.

As a large part of the apprenticeship training program is conducted in a real work environment, we are again delighted to assure parents or guardians that all employers involved in placements have been thoroughly vetted by Floortrain and have evidenced a level of professionalism that we deem necessary to support and contribute to a safe, productive learning environment. We are happy to discuss the content and conclusion strategy of the vetting process upon request.

Why Floor Laying?

Floortrain’s apprenticeship program is sponsored and endorsed by leading British flooring manufacturers. The flooring industry has for decades, operated largely without a formal qualification structure, meaning many experienced floor layers do not possess a nationally recognised qualification. This situation has changed dramatically over recent years as the flooring trade reacted to changes in legislation and the introduction of competence schemes like the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) which requires workers to carry identification cards detailing their occupation and skill level. This in turn, has created a stampede of experienced workers seeking assessment and training to achieve a vocational qualification at level 2 which is the recognised level to obtain a skilled worker CSCS Card. This has also enhanced the image and status of training to become a “professional floor layer”, rather than a “carpet fitter” or “vinyl fitter” which have often been dismissed as semi skilled occupations. The result is that employers are now insisting that floor layers achieve a full recognised qualification and are investing in training and apprenticeships more than ever before.

The Job Role

 Floor laying is a manual occupation that can be physically demanding. A good general level of fitness is required to become a floor layer along with a solid understanding of basic Health & Safety at work, as the job involves the use of knives and power tools. The job can be very varied, from installing carpets & vinyls in domestic properties, to creating and installing complex decorative designs in large commercial properties and the like. The apprenticeship covers all aspects of training, including sub floor preparation, testing for and abating sub floor moisture, working with luxury vinyl tile products, seaming, stretching, adhering, cutting and securing carpet & impervious vinyl flooring to all types of area and sub floor. Specific training courses are held around seaming, welding and forming coved skirting’s in wet areas where hard vinyl flooring is the required floorcovering. Exposure to installing solid wood and laminate flooring is included in the program and will ultimately result in the apprentice achieving the full apprenticeship framework of; Construction Skills technical certificate,  Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF) Level 2 Diploma in Floorcovering, along with key skills awards in application of number & communication. At this level, long term employment and pay prospects are excellent.

Career Progression Prospects

It is our aim to deliver quality training that inspires all learners to embrace the learning culture by continually looking to progress in their chosen career. A qualified floor layer will have many opportunities to progress and diversify throughout his/her career. At the time of writing, there is no Level 3 qualification available in floorcovering which promotes natural progression to related occupation like Occupational Works Supervisor, Estimating and planning, both at level 3 and crucial roles within a company’s structure. Project manager and appointed Health & Safety officer are other examples of roles that floor layers progress to along with other lighter duties that may include sales.

With this in mind, and for added benefit, we have embedded a great deal of exposure to product knowledge, manufacturing materials / techniques, estimating, planning and sales training into the program. The full apprenticeship program also includes training in the identification and cause of faults, customer service skills and how to resolve customer complaints, all of which are skills that are highly valued by employers and with continued development, will contribute to promotion and career progression.

We hope to have reassured you.
If, however, you would like to discuss any aspect of our apprenticeship program, our delivery model or have any other question however small, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01302 249555.